Anxiety and depression are one and the same expression of an inflammatory reaction of the nervous system.

If you have ever experienced high anxiety, you may have noticed that some parts of your body ( like the heart or the head) are hot!
This is a symptom of high inflammation. 

It might prevent you from resting, thinking straight or simply function in your daily life!

Anxiety is overwhelming and the usual reaction of the western model is to put you on pharmaceutical drugs, that are efficient at first but in the long-term, will make you problem worse. Besides, it is usually made out of neurotoxins.

Long-term, these drugs will increase your symptoms and slowly poison your brain.

So what's the solution?

Any disease is a sign of imbalance in the body.

In the traditional Chinese medicinal model, human bodies like any living thing are energetically wired by the 5 elements.

These elements are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Each element has an energy and an emotional state.

When an element is imbalanced, then it creates an altered emotional state.

If you balance the energies of the elements, then your emotional state will go back into balance.

In the case of depression or anxiety, you can deal with mental excitement, which leads to insomnia, and a lack of desire to connect for example, which leads to relationship issues.

This can be the result of unprocessed grief or an excess of drive (yang energy).

Working on processing the grief and increasing the Feminine energy in your life (yin energy) will restore peace and balance.

How do we do that?

Chinese herbs can help balance the 5 elements in your energetic body.

Emotional healing can make a tremendous difference in your state of mind.

Using the physical aspects of the 5 elements can help.
For example, walking bare-foot on the ground can help balance your earth energy.

Seems too easy to be true?

I healed depression and high anxiety in 3 weeks following this principle.