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The Feminine energy is called yin in traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy, and is the complementary of the yang or Masculine energy.
Every living thing (with a consciousness) has some proportion of yin and some proportion of yang, which is why the TCM (Traditional Chinese model) represents the duality with a little bit of each in the other one.

The yang is embodied by the qualities of drive, taking action, moving forward... These qualities are triggered by the hormone testosterone in the human body. Therefore the yang traditionally includes the fatherly values of protection, getting food for the family, getting things done, fighting for security etc.

The yin is embodied by the qualities of gestation, fertility, taking time... These qualities are characteristics of the hormonal influences of estrogen and progesterone in the human body. Therefore the yin is associated with the motherly values of patience, nourishment, pleasure, and acceptance for what is.

It is obvious that the American society bends on the yang side, as everyone is required to work hard to always get more things, go faster and make more yield, to the point of using chemicals in crops and cooking with toxic food and materials, as well as over-protecting their lives with high tech virtual security, and symptom-eraser drug solutions and all-included formulas.

On the other hand, nobody has time to connect, enjoy life, artistically create beauty and harmony, or take the time to go to the root of issues, in order to find long-term sustainable solutions.

Instead, the Masculine qualities are reduced to being a doer and a quick problem solver, and the Feminine is all about gestating and producing new individuals, who will then become doers themselves, living products of a patriarchal society, where an unreachable elite stands for the high-security figure of the community, abusing its power to give authoritarian orders and set unrealistic rules, while the individuals have lost their integrity and personal power.

This disbalance is the reason why everybody agrees that this society is a total shitshow, obviously reaching a point of non-return with only 2 possibilities: either crashing for ever or taking advantage of the bump to build a new society, a new era, where the yin and the yang are harmoniously balancing each other in every living thing, respected for what they are, and meticulously used in every action.

This society used to exist a long time ago. The yin and the yang were described as a fundamental aspect of Life in Asia, and used for healing, as well as the function in harmony of the society.

In India, this was represented by Shiva and Shakti dancing together in harmony.

Similarly as our behaviors are formated to be on the yang side, our brains have been trained for thousands of years to be on the left side, with a large predominance of activities using the left brain in the educational system and the higher respect of jobs using those qualities, like engineering or law or medicine based of the idea that the body is a machine with organs working separately.

This has reached such a deep level in humans' unconscious mind that imagining a society based on yin values like dancing, chilling, beauty, harmony as much as yang values sounds a bit ridiculous.
However our brain is made of 2 hemispheres that are designed to work together.

This disconnection is the reason why artistic professions, alternative healers and slow-paced farming techniques based on the cycles of nature still remain secondary-type disciplines, and conceptualizing these as the root of a new type of society is as odd as a Harry Potter movie.

However, magic is what we are lacking and letting our brains rewiring to believe in it is what we all need to build a new healthy and sustainable era.
The answer is in the Feminine, the energy of creation, the ability to make a microscopic cell grow into a complex human being just with the power of being and nourishing.

This energy doesn't require action. It doesn't require force. It only requires the belief that anything can happen with the power of accepting what is, and that creates magic.
This is how we help you heal at Feminine Healing Arts and our contribution to making the world what we want it to be: a more harmonious, beautiful and healthy place.


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"At one point in a Province of China, there was a terrible drought and the situation became quite dire. Unless there was rain quickly, the village was going to starve to death. The people tried everything they know. They tried all their local people so they finally decide to send, at a great distance, for the famous rainmaker. The great rainmaker came to the village and asked immediately: "Build me a straw hut outside the village and give me enough food and water for five days … and don’t disturb me!" They did this quickly. The little hut was built and the rainmaker disappeared into it for 5 days.


On the fourth day it started raining, just in time to save the village.

On the fifth day the villagers went to the hut and poured all of the gifts they could upon him, an enormous outpouring of gratitude for he has indeed saved the village. As the whole town rejoiced, the people went to speak to the rainmaker, to ask him how he did it. "What have you done these 3 days?" they asked. The shaman's reply was that in this Province, things were out of balance, which put him out of balance as well. It took him 3 days to get back into harmony, and then the environment naturally did too; so the precipitation came."