“Working with Cécile was the start of a huge transformation in me.  Just before meeting Cécile, I had a mental health scare and it wasn’t my first.  I had the desire to learn more about myself on an energetic level so that this wouldn’t continue any longer.

After I signed up with Cécile, I learned which of my energy centers are most powerful and which ones are empathic, which really helped me to understand how I relate to other people.  We also worked through some issues with EFT Tapping in the moment and I could immediately feel the shift.

I’ve gained a greater understanding of myself and now feel confident about using my voice to speak out about mental illness and live my truth!” 

Anna C. - intuitive dancer, spiritual seeker

"​Before working with Cécile, I was feeling  sad, depressed, stuck as if I had the weight of a truck on my shoulders, lacking energy, hopeless and a sense that I might never be able to emotionally get over my ex-fiancée after a very painful heartbreak. I was surely finding it difficult in letting go of the past memories.

During my coaching time with Cécile, I experienced a sense of light heartedness and playfulness. As we worked together through our sessions, I started rediscovering the little boy inside me, his playfulness and goofiness.
I regained confidence that I could get through my emotionally challenging time.

As a result, I've started accepting the reality of the situation and feel like I'm well on my journey of healing, growth and joyfulness. Cécile brought in that gentleness and fine balance between practical tools and talk therapy that enabled me to look at my emotional challenges in a positive manner."

Abhi D. - sensitive, heart-centered leader

"​Cecile's skill, insight and verve is unparalleled. After working with her, I commented to many people that the insights she illuminated were things that had taken me years of therapy to understand about myself.
Her sessions are fun, powerful and immensely practical - I walked away with tangible guidance I was able to start putting into practice that day to make a life that worked for me. I can't recommend her highly enough"

Nick M. - networker, freedom lover

"​The recent fires affected me greatly as well as a personal misunderstanding within my family. I caught up in anxiety and almost apocalyptic panic mode that many residents in Northern California got into. I worked with Cecile and it was a WOW!
What a shift in energy, mood, optimism and the release in the back muscle tightness and pain! Bowing to her healing abilities and STRONGLY recommend her if you are under tremendous stress in general! Thank you, Cecile Marie!"

Anna B. - natural healer and herbalist

"I had several coaching sessions with Cecile. She is awesome! She's kind, sincere, empathetic and a very good listener. Cecile has several modalities that she utilized during our sessions and I found them to be very helpful. I broke through many difficult emotions and obtained clarity on my goals. Cecile is an excellent coach and I recommend her highly."

Mary-Anne H. - feminine, human leader