Tarot of Marseille

Do not mix tarot with a random card deck.

Tarot has been around for eons and contains the wisdom of the creator Gods.

There are several original decks a reader can use.

My favorite is the tarot of Marseille. Maybe because I'm French ;-)

Originally from Northern Italy, it has been renamed according to its influence in the city in the South of France, in the 15th century.

Despite its very Christian pictures, the tarot of Marseille's symbolic takes its roots in ancient Egyptian magic, taught by the goddess Isis. 

This tarot will transport you into the land of occult truth and bring you significant guidance on issues you are dealing with. It will give you potent answers regarding any area of your life, guided by the energy of the Divine Feminine!

If you want to put a definitive end to 2020 and discover what 2021 has in store for you, let's open the magical deck for you, and dive into the wonders of its secret alchemy. 

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