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Healing is your birth right!

How can I best serve you?


Where do the consultations take place?

The consultations take place online via a video platform of connection.

Sessions are strictly confidential and techniques of healing and coaching are practiced the same way as it would be in person.

As an empath and a psychic, I can manipulate energy no matter the distance between you and me. I provide healing and guidance by focusing my thoughts and attention on you.

You are an infinite being of light and no international crisis can stop us from connecting. You are not alone in this difficult time.



Cecile Marie is an intuitive healer and holistic health coach, certified as a Reiki Master and EFT practitioner, trained in coaching techniques by desire and energy clearing of the 5 elements.


She overcame 10 years of depression and anxiety entirely by natural means, using the power of her body and its subtle energies.

She started manifesting joy and purpose in her life by applying these techniques of energetic movements.

She considers the Feminine frequency as the most powerful healing ally and uses the power of intuition, unconditional love and joy as ultimate tools to lead you towards a transformational experience.

She offers healing sessions, spiritual guidance, astrology readings and long-term coaching packages. This last option includes all the other techniques personalized accordingly for you.

We are in the middle of a turbulent planetary shift and there has never been a better time to get some healing and guidance! 

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