Healing through music

In ancient times, before monotheism, the religious culture was filled up with dances, instruments and songs. Music held an important place in the devotional process of worship and ceremonies were organized around sacred dances and sacred chants. 

Sensuality and sexuality were also parts of the spiritual process and as people were worshipping gods everywhere around the globe, guilt and shame of the nude body did not belong. In the Middle East, sensual belly dance used to be a devotional dance, as well as drums and rhythmic shamanic dances involved moving and painting the body in other traditions.

What does it has to see with healing, you will say to me?

Spirituality has everything to see with healing. But not monotheistic spirituality, where the only focus is to be "good" and "behave", no, ancient devotional spirituality, involving the body getting into a trance in order to ascend to higher knowledge and higher dimensions.

The body reacts to vibrations and sounds. When you place yourself next to an electromagnetic source, the cells in your body will react instantly, in a different way than if you go in a forest full of wild animals. The sounds of nature will calm your nervous system, in a way that music can accelerate.


Remember the myth of the mermaids who were attracting sailors by singing magic songs? You can pretty redirect the energy of the cells in your body by practicing devotional singing and dancing?

Shamans in every tradition used to sing and play instruments over the body of the sicks to heal them. Directed devotional music is a powerful healing tool. This is why it has been suppressed from the medical establishment and you will never find any sort of music in a hospital.