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What we are capable of

Since I was very young, and in spite of an upbringing in a very tumultuous environment, I always knew there was "something" exciting available in life. I had intuitions, feelings and probably visions that were sticky enough for me to believe I had lived something else once upon a time.

As I was raised Christian, I didn't know anything about past lives and yet my intuitions would refer to another time on Earth. I was dreaming of green fields, flowers and animals I could communicate with. People would live in peace and never eat animals. Nobody would fight and when something was wrong, healing would happen instantly by the power of a priestess's hands.

I know it sounds like every little girl's dream, but the difference is that mine never left me. With more stubbornness than a goat, I was determined to make that happen again. And it seems like here we are in 2020, the most crazy year that we probably ever lived as a planet, this dream feels closer than ever. If it sounds weird to you, wait for what's next.

As 2020 unfolded, the great awakening unfolded too. Millions of people getting their brains start and asking themselves questions they would never ask themselves before, to understand what the heck was going wrong with us. What have we done to end up in that chaos?

My answer is: nothing. We have done literally nothing wrong, except giving our power away. In my dream, our power as humans was so strong that we would not experience disease, poverty or division. It was not possible for it to be created. Power seems like a big word, often associated with abuse. But us, as humans, have such a huge heart that our potential as a species goes beyond what we think possible. Our hearts are the most powerful tool we have to create our dream society. What stopped us from doing it is because we had it broken, a long time ago. Wars, disillusions, brutal deaths and persecutions have altered our heart possibilities.

What about bad people, I hear you say? Well, bad people are people whose heart energy has been deactivated. And this is the reason we are in this chaos right now. If only we could reconnect to our hearts, realize what is right and what is wrong, regardless to the ambient conditioning, we would find our power again.

2020 might have been a tough year, and yet it is a year of awakening, because awakening is always accompanied with chaos. It's inevitable. We don't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Astrologically, this corresponds to the kick-up start of the new golden age on Earth, the era of Aquarius. Your only job is to focus on your heart and hear what it's saying. Reconnect with your human nature, and what its power is. Who do you love and how can you love them better? What does your heart tell you? A lot of people say fear is the opposite of love. With all the cases of depression, suicides and acts of despair that happened this year, I can say we really have experienced it. And if love is power, then fear is the opposite of power.

Do not fear, as you are much more powerful than you think. The age of Aquarius awaits you, is you wish!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cecile Marie

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