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How to be the full version of yourself

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

When we were born, we hadn't been hurt by society yet but we still had the environmental imprint of the past. That explains why some people are born with a strong personality that cannot be explained by their immediate familial environment. Past lives or genetic and molecular trauma transmitted by the body, call it like you wish. The past 2000 years have not been an easy time on Earth, Wars, torture, brutal deaths, lack of knowledge of the body, medical incompetence, emotional and sexual violence, lies, dogmas and injunctions to be what the group wants us to be. Let's face it: we have been through a lot and it would be a miracle for us not to feel the trauma of the past in a way or another.

So now the question is: what to do with that? Is it possible to go through all that hardship and finally create the life and the eden that we dream of? In one lifetime, probably not, but we can switch direction. We can start the work and refocus our attention in the right direction, rather than perpetrating the same mistakes again and again.

That work comes with learning, digging and understanding the truth of who we are and what the world has done to us. Once we have that knowledge it is easy to focus our energy towards what we want because we know what traps to avoid and what we really deserve.

I have always been searching for the Truth, the one that would make me feel not easy, but complete, safe and confident. The kind of truth that I could fight for regardless to what society thinks of me, because it is fair and it is right. I never wanted to live a life of lies. I can run my life differently to what society wants me to do, as long as I am in integrity with myself.

The reason we are not the full version of ourselves is because we put our energy into something that is not our truth. No matter how much we believe in it, if energetically it doesn't resonate we will still be missing the point. The pursuit of happiness is not far from the pursuit of Truth. We need to have enough humility to realize that we will not know the full picture in this lifetime, but the closer we come, the happier we will be.

Our body has all the answers. It contains all the tools and gives us all the signals for us to start digging. There is nothing we cannot do with the power of our bodies, our minds and our spirits. As long as we remain faithful to ourselves. Nobody will have the answers for us, and life is a journey, but if you commit to find the alignment of who you are inside of you, you will go in the right direction. Learn how to decipher the messages of your body, accept yourself like you are and give yourself a break. You have been through a lot! It's time to go back to the light, slowly but surely. It won't happen without you but it won't happen with you blaming yourself.

The era of Aquarius will only accept the candidates who have the willingness to look closely at themselves. It is the era of freedom, peace and power. It will take you if you think you deserve it, and you were born for it. Brilliance awaits you, if you sign up for the ascension. The real one, not the one from the magazines. Fasten your seat belts, believe in your dreams and let's take off!

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