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How to remain calm in the chaos

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Among of the lessons that 2020 taught me, being able to create calm in the chaos is a big one.

If we really create our reality every moment by changing our frequency then creating a state of inner calm in the middle of a storm is just a higher level of difficulty and therefore a very good training.

I remember the last time I got really depressed, after my divorce, I was working as a waitress in a place that was so vibrationally low that I had to meditate for an hour coming back home in order to feel myself again.

Changing my frequency was a vital necessity and the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be was so big that nothing could stop me from attempting to reach it.

These are the moments when we learn the most.

When there is a storm, the reflex is to be afraid of it and hide in a corner waiting for it to pass. But when you do that you actually give power to the storm because who has the highest frequency between the storm and your fear?

If you are able, not to let it beat you, but with the power of your mind, to realize that you can create a bigger storm yourself than the storm itself, then you can beat the storm.

If the storm has originally been created by humans (we all co-create what happens to us as a collective) and is extremely destructive, what stops you from inverting the tendency and create an extremely constructive storm, more powerful than the first one?

This is what I did in 2020. The more the field was bombarded with fear, the more I cultivated pleasure and connection. The more the field was bombarded with tension and division, the more I cultivated compassion and acceptance.

And it worked! I never met so many people aligned with my values than this year. I had a lot of very pleasurable moments and I reached a level of detachment from what people think that I would have not imagined being capable of.

I was raised with the habit of having a lot of judgements towards people who are doing things out of fear or lack of compassion. I didn't realize that by judging them I was cultivating fear and lack of compassion myself.

There has been so much change and revelations of our true nature in 2020 that it's been an important reminder to look inside the Self of what we want to project externally to others. What kind of person do I want to be in the world? What kind of vibration do I want to set as an example and how can I best help the storm fade out with my own will-power.

2020 has also been a huge learning in terms of will-power. More than ever we noticed how we are the creators of our reality as a society. If we focus on racism we create racism. If we focus on hatred we create hatred. And if we focus on fear we create more fear.

It is up to us to practice self-centering every time the storm reaches us and go back to that fragile center inside of ourselves, the point of stillness, the state of non-thinking that leads us to fully be in a state of acceptance of all that is, so it doesn't matter so much anymore, and reach the realm of infinite possibilities of creation.

I wish you all a wonderful powerful exciting rest of the year!

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