Human Design/Personality map



The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences (astrology, quantum physics, epigenetics, and the Chinese divination guidebook the I-ching).


Your birth data carries the coordinates of your life purpose. The energy of the planets at the moment you were born imprinted your body and your personality in a way that was designed to accomplish the mission of your soul.


On a more practical level, Human Design shows you how your consciousness is shaped and ultimately, how to live as your true self.

If you find yourself in contexts and situations where you encounter resistance, where you have to push yourself and others in a way that feels forced, or where you feel unseen, unfulfilled or unable to feel comfortable in your own skin, it is often because you have lost touch with your nature.  Are you more of a yin or a yang type? Do you need time before you can make a correct decision, or do you know what to do right away? Is your intuition located in your guts or do you get insights from the mind?


If your core expression, function, and contribution struggle to come to fruition, it is like planting an apple tree in the sand at the beach.  It does not grow or flower.  It becomes dormant or dead, not alive and thriving as itself and certainly not able to bear fruit.

From this perspective, your life purpose is not something that you choose or construct.  It is what naturally comes out of you when you are being yourself in resonance with the body and the environment for which you are designed.  Rather than trying to make it happen, you allow it to emerge.

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