Energy healing

Energy healing is a form of alternative therapy involving movements of subtle energies to re-establish balance within the body of an individual. Energy has been described as a universal life force in numerous cultures, present in bodies, structures and in the universal field in general: called chi in China, prana or kundalini in India, orgone or magnetism in Europe... 

Although a millennial healing practice, energy healing, also called magic, has been unpopularized after the "witch hunt" of the middle age because of religious fanatism and the genocide of millions of healers, especially women, practicing the natural healing arts.

Very popular nowadays in the western "new age" culture, I believe some forms of energy healing have been hijacked by dark forces and are programming people more into the Matrix.

I only use practices and tools that are based on rigorously dogma-free knowledge: meridians and the 5 elements of Chinese medicine, tantric practices of India, occult sciences of ancient gnoses...

Practiced by priests and priestesses, druids and shamans in ancient civilizations around the globe, energy healing was used as a tool of both physical healing and spiritual awakening.

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