Element Earth

We live in a world that has disconnected us from our ground to the point that our bodies cannot handle it anymore.

People use to connect with the Earth by living close to nature, doing rituals to thank our mother for hosting and feeding us, followed by regular dances and music gatherings around the fire.

This was healing in itself.

Now we spend a lot of our days in front of a screen, frenetically trying to connect with others virtually and spending time in connection with nature (and our nature) is barely part of our weekly schedule.

When we walk barefoot on the earth, we create an electric flow that counteracts the negative effects of electromagnetic waves, radioactive waves etc. Scientists even made of it a new technique of healing called "Earthing".


The food we eat is so important that your diet will be one of the most important things for your recovery.
You will need to start an anti-inflammatory diet which means removing any inflammatory component from your food intake.

Diet has never been an issue for me but I know it's challenging for most people.
The question to ask yourself is "how badly do you want to heal?"
In order to have results, you will need to do things differently than from you used to do.
This includes changing your habits radically.

Most of the things we eat are toxic. And we don't know it.
It's toxic because we have gotten far from our ancestors' cooking preparation modalities, and because the foods we buy are loaded with toxins.

Some of the cooking modalities that we totally gave up and were actually making our foods more digestible are:

- rinsing in water
- peeling/removing seeds
- pressure cooking
- fermenting

Never our ancestors would think of eating a bowl of rice without rinsing it in water twice first, and pressure cooking it, when not fermenting it.
The longevity of people in Japan used to be due to their habit of eating fermented soy and peeled pressure-cooked rice.

Secondly, we are constantly ingesting toxins that are loading our system and making it congested, as it cannot keep up with elimination.
We also ingest way too much sugar and dangerously play with our insulin level.
When our insulin levels are not stable we create inflammation.

Some of the toxins we ingest daily without knowing it are:
- pesticides/GMO in vegetables and livestock
- BPA in plastic
- disruptors in drugs and sweeteners
- fluoride in toothpaste, water and drugs
- dangerous proteins in grains, beans and some vegetables