Are you a hard-working professional yet sensitive

and you want to get rid of this chronic anxiety

for good?

Image by Pradeep Ranjan

You feel anxious first thing in the morning or you wake up in the middle of the night?

It's getting harder and harder to concentrate on your work and you have so much to do...?

You are worried about the situation in the world and you don't know how to be hopeful?

You feel responsible for the people around you and it's overwhelming? 

You are judging yourself perhaps a little too harshly... 

You are curious, somehow emotional and you just wish you were heard and understood...




Human Design/

personality map

Coaching by desire

EFT and mind reprogramming

What you will get out of coaching with Cecile

A deeper connection with Self

-> Discover your specific imprint, how you are designed to make correct decisions for yourself and others, and what you are here to offer to the world

-> Get clear on your desires, what is driving you deep inside, the energy you are putting out and taking in

-> Learn where you get caught into other people's stories and spend your energy focused on the wrong vortex


Clearing blockages

-> Identify and instantaneously clear the blockages that stop you from being the full version of yourself

-> Learn tools and tips to release anxiety when it occurs unexpectedly

-> Open your consciousness to your higher purpose


Creating inner peace

-> Clarify your needs and relax the inner critic


-> Learn to own your desires and your boundaries

-> Create a physical, emotional and spiritual reality that matches your inner world



"At one point in a Province of China, there was a terrible drought and the situation became quite dire. Finally, the Chinese sought out a rainmaker, similar to a shaman, and brought him to their village to make his magic. He locked himself up in a house for 3 days, and then suddenly, on the fourth day, clouds appeared and here was a great snowstorm!

As the whole town rejoiced, the people went to speak to the rainmaker, to ask him how he did it. "What have you done these 3 days?" they asked. The shaman's reply was that in this Province, things were out of balance, which put him out of balance as well. It took him 3 days to get back into harmony, and then the environment naturally did too; so the precipitation came."

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