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Hi! My name is Cécile Marie, I am a scientist, public health engineer, nutritionist, life coach, certified EFT/tapping therapist, holistic healer, Reiki Master, astrology and Human Design reader, Life activist...

In 17 years of my career in the holistic wellness field, I have empowered on 2 continents hundreds of courageous people to take charge of their own health and release the burden of dependency on a drug or a therapist.



My story:


I grew up in a big city of France in a strict academic and dark religious environment, in a familial climate of emotional violence. As an extremely sensitive child, I liked drawing, singing, laughing and being in nature, and spent my childhood and teenage years feeling different, isolated, wondering what was wrong with me.

With a constant pressure to conform and put security over happiness, I couldn't understand society and the people around me, their accommodation for purposeless comfort, hurtful relationships and spiritual stagnation.

Unable to find my place, I started my adult life with a master 2 in food and public health engineering, as well as severe anxiety and chronic depression.

I felt like taking anti-depressive pills wasn't my purpose and my happiness was more important than having a career. I knew something more meaningful was available, and I was determined to get rid of that PTSD that was wasting my life.


I also knew I wanted to make the world a better place, and I had to start by helping myself. At 23, while all my highly educated friends were starting corporate careers, I started a passionate journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening.


I experimented all the healing modalities available, while starting my own business as a nutritionist and food counselor. 
I found fulfillment in activism, and got involved in an organization educating people about the quality of the food they were eating and denouncing the corruption of giant companies and institutions I graduated to work with. 

However, at 30 it was still a challenge to quit medication and I was still struggling with anxiety and depression. In order to survive, I was doing meaningless jobs, as I was not stable enough to hold responsibilities.

It is only when I discovered emotional healing that everything changed. Expressing my true feelings while giving acceptance to them was truly revolutionary to me and I started healing layers after layers of trauma.

As I was healing, I started attracting "luck" and understanding the law of attraction. I saw some of my deepest desires come true and within a few years, I was able to quit my job, start traveling and meet like-minded people.
I opened my senses to my spiritual journey, which took the form of what I called at the time the "divine feminine". 
Understanding the power of sexual energy (kundalini) and discovering my psychic abilities, I found real fulfillment and purpose on that journey, first in France on the path of the "Graal", then in America, where I integrated the Feminine energy into my business as a holistic healer and life coach.

By accepting what was important to me rather than trying to conform, I gained confidence, strength, money and happiness. Medication became an old story, as well as depression and anxiety, that I had replaced with acceptance, purpose and joy.

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Feminine Healing Arts is a personalized coaching alchemy based on the Yin principle, meeting your Masculine drive to change.
I use and personalize for you all the holistic tools I learned over the years and that made a significant difference in my life.

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or PTSD and you think nothing can change your situation, I can assure you it is possible to heal without medication in a short amount of time.

My goal is to make my clients independent in their healing journeys, and to have them experience fast and great changes in their lives.
In a society obsessed with "doing" and reaching an irrealistic "everything is Ok", I have healed through radical acceptance and self-honesty.

I don't use chemical medication anymore. If I feel down, I know I can go back up really fast and I don't need a doctor for that.

I know that there are many courageous people out there fighting the heavy battle of mental health, who haven't learned what I have learned yet.
I empower them to finally get rid of that PTSD for good, and have the tools that they need to face the ups and downs of life, without co-dependency or adverse reactions!


Cécile Marie

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