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Hi! I am Cécile Marie and I'm a holistic life coach, intuitive healer, spiritual counselor, Reiki Master-Teacher and nutritionist. 
I help sensitive professional, who are struggling with anxiety and stress about the future, to find their inner capacity to relax and create long-term peace and balance in their lives.

Born and raised in France as an extremely sensitive kid in a patriarchal environment, I spent my childhood and teenage feeling different and isolated. As I couldn't understand the harshness of the world and I was raised to be someone I wasn't and do things I didn't like doing, I started my adult life suffering from severe anxiety and chronic depression.

As a child and a young adult, I was navigating among disconnected relationships and emotional violence, yet I knew deep inside that it wasn't the "normal" and that there was something else available in life. A part of me was aware of a different reality, and my purpose as a young adult was to reach that life of love, joy and peace I had always dreamt of.



Because I didn't know how to feel these good feelings that I knew existed, I had to be on medication in order to deal with my daily life. I ended up with an engineering degree, but my heart wasn't in it. I started moving from a job to another, always more motivated to understand the world and do emotional work on my childhood than to build a career. For 10 years I healed layers of trauma with holistic healing techniques, and woke up to the reality I was living in, while most people of my age were busy working on their corporate career.


As a food engineer, I couldn't understand why I was taught to compromise people's and my own health in order to make business. Growing up in a big city, I couldn't bear staying in an office all day long and was falling into depression every time I would quit my meds. My stubbornness to be happy without compromises finally paid off when I opened up to the spiritual realm and my psychic abilities. As much as I was clearing negative karma and emotions, I had made space in my energy field for the Universe to come to me.


The world of angels, communication with spirits and body bliss was totally foreign to me yet very intriguing, as well as the idea of creating my reality. My catholic background had left me traumatized by constant reminders of Jesus's torture and death, as well as experiences with abusive priests. But this time I knew it was about searching inside. I started my spiritual journey by becoming vegetarian, starting a 

meditation group and becoming the leader of an organization defending organic living.

I also started working on my sexual energy, and it was the beginning of a journey of mediumship experiences through France and around the world, by following serendipities on the path of Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail. I ended up settling down in California with no preparation whatsoever. 

magdalen sisterhood of rose.jpg

As I knew I could only take myself so far, with much fascination with what was happening in my life and very little understanding, I investigated movements of energy in myself and between me and other, movements of vibration and protection techniques, as well as how to use my energy to create the reality that I wanted.

Learning the dynamics of subtle energies changed everything for me. When I was able to understand how I was wired uniquely, how I could move my energy in the direction I wanted and how to change my emotions,  

I was able to heal myself by myself and to connect with my soul and my purpose. By doing so I was able to remember who I was and what I originally came here to do, assist other sensitive beings in connecting with their truth and remember their power.

Today I manifest my reality with much ease and rapidity. I do not let abuse enter my life anymore and haven’t taken any medication in 7 years. My health check-ups impress the doctors and nurses every time. I work with passion and purpose as I help other sensitive people manifest that purpose that is aligned with their lives. I came a long way to be able to teach what took me years to figure out.

I know that there are many heart-centered lightworkers out there, seeking for balance and integrity, not knowing how to offer their gifts. I empower them to take charge of their lives spiritually, so we can create together the new normal of freedom and power!



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