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Hi! My name is Cécile Marie. I am a life coach, certified EFT therapist (Emotional Freedom Technique), intuitive healer, Reiki Master, Human Design/astrology guide and nutritionist. 
In 15 years of career as a holistic health practitioner, I have helped hundreds of people in 2 countries, who were feeling like there was something more available for their lives, wanting to step out of the matrix, be their authentic selves and create a life of purpose, inner peace and sanity.

Born and raised in Paris, France in a strict religious and patriarchal environment, I was an extremely sensitive child. In a climate of emotional violence, I spent my childhood and teenage feeling different and isolated. I couldn't understand the people around me, the suffering they were bearing and the absence of motivation for a better life. I was definitely a black sheep in the tribe and because of my stubbornness, I started my adult life with a master 2 engineering degree, yet trying to cope with severe anxiety and chronic depression.

I "knew" deep inside that taking anti-depressive pills in order to survive wasn't my "normal" and that having a regular 9 to 5 engineering job wasn't the career I wanted to pursue. I knew something more authentic was available for me. I wanted to help others feel better, and I knew I had to start with myself. At 23 years old, while other brilliant people of my age were starting corporate careers, I started a passionate journey of self-healing and spiritual discoveries.

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I started experimenting different techniques with different practitioners, modern psychology, hypnosis and focused brief therapies. At the same time I started my own business as a nutritionist and food counselor, where I was teaching people and food companies the risks of eating processed and chemically-grown food. During 8 years I explored my trauma and the world, and woke up to what the society really was behind appearances. I realized the world was based on a paradigm of lies and deshumanism and as a highly sensitive and truth lover I was decided to make my own world a better place. 

However, it was still a challenge to quit chemical medication and I was still struggling with anxiety and lack of enthusiasm. At 28 I only had had abusive relationships and my life still made very little sense, as I was constantly playing the rules of a system that I didn't like. Every time I would try to quit pills I would fall into depression again. I had to find a way to go through this for good.


That's when I discovered a group therapy called "expressed emotional therapy" that was about expressing emotions as they feel inside, like on a theater stage. I was terrified of doing that but I was determined to get my life started, so I did it. For 3 years I learned the power of understanding and expressing safely all the range of my emotions. I remember expressing anger for the first time. I discovered that my emotions were the only energy that could help me heal my deepest wounds and make of me the authentic person I had always wanted to be (emotions = energy in motion).


I gained confidence, self-love and personal power. I knew what I wanted for my life: be 100% true to myself. Nothing could scare me anymore, as I had the key to find my strength if I ever lost it. I quit medication, my natal city and country, and I moved to America for the beginning of the rest of my life.

Lone Walk

In America, I created my own business, based on my strong Feminine skills of empathy and intuition, and techniques such as safe emotional expression, spiritual coaching and energy healing. I wanted to help men and women struggling with anxiety like I did, use their own energy to build peace, power and find purpose in their lives. I am convinced that awareness to truth and self-love is what we need to harness, in order to find true peace and purpose.


Today I am able to use my high sensitivity to my advantage and use this Feminine trait for transformation and creation. I haven't taken a pill in 10 years, and I have become the powerful creator of my own abundance.

I have used feminine healing arts to bring more love and consciousness into my life, and to have healthier relationships. I practice getting closer to truth and personal power every day, and cultivating the joy of being alive.

I know that there are many intelligent, exceptional black sheeps, truth seekers and sensitive light workers who have always been working hard on their careers. They are seeking love and inner peace and more joy in their lives, but haven't had the time and opportunities to learn what I have learned. I empower them to finally get rid of that anxiety and feeling of hopelessness, and have the tools that they need to get themselves out of difficult times, even in times of chaos!



Cécile Marie

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