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My name is Cécile Marie. I am a scientist, health engineer, life coach, certified EFT therapist (Emotional Freedom Technique), holistic healer, Reiki Master, Human Design guide, nutritionist, Life activist...
In 15 years of career as a freelance in the holistic care field, I have helped on 2 continents hundreds of courageous people release the burden of debilitating anxiety and learn how to understand the power of their bodies, so they can overcome the co-dependancy to a drug or a therapist.

Born and raised in France, I grew up in a strict academic and religious environment, in a familial climate of emotional violence. As an extremely sensitive child, I spent my childhood and teenage years feeling different, isolated, wondering what was wrong with me.

In spite of a constant pressure to conform and to put security over momentum, I couldn't understand society and the people around me, their accommodation for purposeless comfort and spiritual stagnation. As I grew up, I was definitely a black sheep in the tribe, and I knew early on that I would do all I could to make my life worth living.

Starting my adult life with a master 2 in food and public health engineering, as well as the constant fear of dying, I was a highly educated day-dreamer dealing with severe anxiety and chronic depression.

I felt like taking anti-depressive pills to deal with life at 21 wasn't my dream come true and that my happiness was more important than having a career in a society I found dysfunctionnal. I knew something more authentic was available for me. I also knew I wanted to help the world be a better place, and that I had to start with helping myself. At 23, while all my highly educated friends were starting corporate careers, I started a passionate journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening.


I experimented different healing techniques that were available in France at that time: classic psychology, hypnosis and focused brief therapies. At the same time I started my own business as a nutritionist and food counselor. Working for myself brought me the freedom that I needed to express my creativity, and grow outside of the box.
I spent my twenties discovering the depths of my own human psyche, addressing my frustrations and reprogramming my negative emotions into love and hope. As I developed my reality from the inside out, I was able to put words on the fact that humans as a species, were living in a paradigm of lies and dehumanization. I found fulfillment in activism by educating the public about the quality of the food they were eating and denouncing the corruption of giant companies and institutions I graduated to work with. 

However, at 30 it was still a challenge to quit medication and I was still struggling with anxiety and lack of enthusiasm. I was living in a big city, under a climate I didn't like, working on my computer most of the day, and dealing with abusive relationships in my private life. Part of me was feeling like I was still playing the rules of a system I didn't fit in and I needed to take a bigger risk to give more meaning to my life.
I was terrified of dying; in fact I was terrified of making a big change in my life. It's only after my dad died that I found the courage to live fully before it's too late. I quit my job as a health counselor in an organic store, gave my landlord notice, only kept my car to start a purposeful goalless road trip through France. I had no idea what the divine had in store with me...
(I will detail my journey on the path of the Graal in the section "blog")

Guided by the desire to meet self-sufficient communities and learn permaculture, I started working on farms, learning about natural living. My dream of being close to animals and nature became a reality and opened my senses to a new type of spirituality. My journey was filled up with synchronicities and became a path of discovery of the "divine feminine", a force that brought me more integrity, awareness and understanding of myself.

Strong of that new awareness, I took an unexpected uncalculated and yet guided risk by moving to the United States of America, in November 2016. First as a bag packer then as a student in the heart of the Californian new age culture, I ended up as a freelance again, as a holistic healer and a life coach.
I learned from my experiences, my encounters and my critical thinking. In a land of opportunities, I gained confidence, strength and autonomy. It was a lonely journey, but because of that new strength, medication became an old story, as I had replaced it by passion, purpose and excitement.

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Feminine Healing Arts is a personalized coaching program based on the holistic tools I have learned since my early twenties and that helped me discover my true self, grow stronger and make the correct decisions in my life. As a stubborn and curious critical thinker, I have kept the good and left the bad in what I learned, always aiming for truth and autonomy in my way of healing myself and living my life.

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression or stagnation in your life, I know so well what you are feeling. Even with a warrior spirit, I struggled for years not knowing what to do and how to jump in the pool of my dreams. Because I went so far from the other side of the spectrum, I am passionate about helping others find their inner warrior and build the confidence, the momentum that they need to live a life on purpose, full of the passion and the inhibition they had when they were children.
I haven't taken a pill to help my nervous system in 10 years, and any chemical medication in 5 years. I am surfing on the waves of my life with natural healing, ready to jump on the next opportunity that will get me closer to my lifelong dream.
I know that there are many intelligent, exceptional dreamers, brave freedom seekers who have always been working hard on their careers and didn't have the time and opportunities to learn what I have learned. I empower them to finally get rid of that anxiety and feeling of fear of the unknown, and have the tools that they need to face difficult choices, out of the Matrix and closer to themselves!

Cécile Marie

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